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For anyone visiting London: the essential pilgrimage stops 

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Hey, remember when we thought this was, like, a fun superhero parody with silly songs and whatnot? And we all laughed and laughed? And then the last five minutes happened?

Remember that?


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always reblog.

just because you are a badass warrior woman who can cut a man in half doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some goddamned delicate pretty needlework.

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i KNOW i’m just beating a long-dead horse by doing this but for god’s sake disney

fyi only superficial things were changed in the edit (hair, eyelash length, freckles, skin tone) the actual model wasn’t changed at all

to be clear: she photoshopped anna’s hair onto hiro’s mom face. a lot of people in reblogs seem to think that the one on the right is literally anna and trying to find miniscule, non-existant differences… which sort of proves the point? that a picture of a different character can be mistaken for anna so easily with just a hairstyle change and that people will still defend the design choice to the death rather than admit the similarities… sheeesh.

I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate here… So, people are fucking expensive to create and using pre-existing models makes things easier on everyone. Also, if you’ll notice that a lot of people do actually look very similar (not as similar as these two, but still). Typically the differences in a group of people is hair, eyes, skin tone, etc. Disney is under pressure to constantly have films out and if they weren’t it would be different, however they are and with deadlines being so close together and the fact that animated films take 5+ years to make and a lot of fucking money, it will be okay if characters look alike. They all have key characteristics in WHO THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE THAT MAKE THEM SPECIAL. And here I thought that was a common goal.

1. The idea of giant company like Disney using preexisting models for their main characters is not only laughable, but lazy and shameful.

1. Disney has money. They have a LOT of money. They have resources. They have talented people.  And they clearly have enough time to create male characters with distinctive characteristics. The exact same should be true for female characters.

3. Oh look the “it doesn’t matter what they look like, it’s their personality that matters” argument. Movies are a VISUAL MEDIUM. Character design is rooted in figuring out who a character is and then basing the design off that. Good design should give an idea of a character’s personality before even watching the movie.

4. Playing the devil’s advocate only works if your argument makes sense and you understand what you’re arguing. Statements excusing Disney from lazy character design only shows your complete lack of understanding in how the animation industry works.

These people obviously haven’t worked in the industry at all. That is not how computer animation works, especially at a highly funded, enormous company. I mean, look at Dreamworks- Even the background Vikings in the latest film vary a lot from model to model and all have tons of character just to view.

Honestly it’s getting to the point that Disney should be ashamed that it needs people to blindly defend their every move.

As for the people blindly defending it, please understand you can still enjoy things and critique them. Understand that as a visual medium, it’s unacceptable to have so many wildly different characters be identical and possibly even have identical models.

This is not people hating on Disney for no reason, this is people holding Disney to a high standard they established themselves and that fans have come to love.



Anyway today I was watchin my main jam, Spider-Man, and Peter Parker’s fighting BONE SAW in the cage match and he’s like “cute outfit! did your husband make it for you??” and when I was 7 that line was hilarious but now I’m like, screw you nerd maybe his husband DID make…

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 It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right

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This is the full version that I found and WTF THIS IS AMAZING

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instead of traditional roleplay blogs what if people made blogs where they were literally pretending to be the character if they had a blog. like severus snape reblogging shitty friendzone posts and luna having some sort of cool aesthetic blog etc.

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I have fruit polos and lollypops be jealous.

omg do many people not know what fruit polos are? they are heaven




In America, we call them lifesavers. They can be chewy or hard candy. 

polos aren’t chewy and they also come in mint.



this week on: britan thinks its special

This week on america copies everything from Britain.




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My mom bought these recently and they have made both of my dogs really sick. She later saw an article online about duck and sweet potato treats made in China(these fit the description) killing dogs and the FDA is doing nothing about it. Apparently over the last few years 600 young, healthy dogs have died after eating these treats and I don’t want anymore to suffer or be killed so please spread the word and don’t let your dogs have these!

This is VERY important! A lot of these animal treats made in China are killing dogs and cats. It’s not that the FDA isn’t doing anything about it, it’s simply that they don’t know why it’s happening.

They are conducting investigation after investigation, but the ingredients used in the food killing dogs (and 10 cats) is used in many different brands and companies that have been shipped, all from overseas. At this rate, a total recall and knowledge of where it’s coming from has proven very difficult. Just recalling one brand in particular will not solve the problem. Please conduct a thorough search about any brand of treats that have been made in China should you pick them up for your pet before you feed it to them. If all else fails, just buy local.

EDIT: Here is a list of food that has been recalled (so far) with more information

Please PLEASE be aware that this isn’t only happening to dogs, but some cat treats, too!

This may save lives!!

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